The Magnificent Dead

May 5, 2023

Elia Cmiral Scores SEVEN CEMETERIES for John (FEAST) Gulager

A loose adaptation of THE SEVEN SAMURAI and THE MAGNIFICENT SEVEN , SEVEN CEMETERIES follows a recent parolee named Bravo (Danny Trejo) who sets out to round up his old posse to save a woman’s ranch from a ruthless drug lord. Only problem is that all his desperado friends are dead. So, with the help of a Mexican witch, he resurrects them for one last mission only to find out that wrangling the dead is a lot like herding cats.

Directed by John Gulager (FEAST films, 2005-2009; HE WAS A QUIET MAN, 2007; PIRANHA 3DD, 2012; ZOMBIE NIGHT (2013) and filmed in Okarche, Oklahoma, the film stars Sol Rodriguez, Efren Ramirez, Lew Temple, Sal Lopez, Terri Hoyos, and Samantha Ashley, with Danny Trejo.

Prolific film composer Elia Cmiral (RONIN, SPLINTER, RESIDENT EVIL: APOCALYPSE, THE WIND & THE RECKONING, FERAL, PULSE 3) has composed the film’s score.

The film does not yet have a release date. – via IMDB

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