There Will Be Hell To Pay

July 8, 2022

THE SUMMONED Scored by Brian Satterwhite

In this new horror film, a young man and his rock star girlfriend are forced to settle a supernatural debt that dates back generations when they and another couple are summoned to an exclusive self-help retreat with a sinister side. The film is directed by actor Mark Meir (FEAR THE WALKING DEAD, IT’S IN THE BLOOD, UNDER THE WESTERN SON) in his directorial debut, and stars  J. Quinton Johnson, Emma Fitzpatrick, Angela Gulner, Mark Meir, Salvador Chacon, Frederick Stuart.

The film has been scored by composer Brian Satterwhite, a professional film composer based in Austin, Texas whose music has been featured in over one hundred and sixty short and feature films. His many accolades include twelve gold medals and four silver medals from the Park City Film Music Festival. He has also composed a handful of scores for silent films performed by the Dallas Chamber Symphony including METROPOLIS (1927), THE CABINET OF DR. CALGARI (1920), the Buster Keaton short film THE SCARECROW (1920), and the Harold Lloyd feature A SAILOR-MADE MAN (1921) which was a finalist for a Jerry Goldsmith Award in 2013. In addition to composing, Brian is also an avid conductor, orchestrator, arranger, music engraver and author who writes extensively about film music for various web sites and liner notes for soundtrack albums.

Watch the film’s trailer:

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