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October 4, 2022

Holly Amber Church Scores Main Title Theme for del Toro’s CABINET OF CURIOSITIES

Guillermo del Toro’s CABINET OF CURIOSITIES (also known as Guillermo del Toro Presents 10 AFTER MIDNIGHT) is a forthcoming horror anthology streaming television series created by del Toro for Netflix, featuring eight unique horror stories – two of the episodes are original works by del Toro himself, while most of the others are based on classic short stories. Del Toro, who has confirmed he will introduce each episode, says the series is a “collection of the Oscar-winning filmmakers’ personally curated stories, described as both equally sophisticated and horrific.” This anthology of sinister tales is told by some of today’s most revered horror creators, including the directors of THE BABADOOK, SPLICE, MANDY, and many more.

The eight episodes are based on the short stories as “Lot 30” (by Guillermo del Toro), “Graveyard Rats” (Henry Kuttner), “The Outside” (Emily Carroll), “The Autopsy” (Michael Shea), “Pickman’s Model” (H.P. Lovecraft), “Dreams in the Witch House” (H. P. Lovecraft), “The Murmuring” (Guillermo del Toro), and “The Viewing” (an original story by director Panos Cosmatos with Aaron Stewart-Ahn).

Holly Amber Church announced on twitter that she has composed the anthology’s main title music. Composers of the individual stories are reported to include Anne Chmelewsky, Jeff Danna, Tim Davies, Jed Kurzel, Michael Yezerski, and Christopher Young.

The series is scheduled to premiere on October 25, 2022.

Watch the series trailer:

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