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October 11, 2022

Composer Christopher Drake Explores THE LAIR

Directed by Neil Marshall (DOG SOLDIERS, THE DESCENT) and starring Charlotte Kirk, Jonathan Howard, Jamie Bamber, THE LAIR tells the tale of Royal Air Force pilot Lt. Kate Sinclair, who is shot down over Afghanistan and finds refuge in an abandoned underground bunker where deadly man-made biological weapons – half human, half alien – are awakened.

Christopher Drake has scored the film. He is known for his scores for Marvel and DC animated films and series such as BATMAN: ARKHAM ORIGINS (2013 video game), BATMAN: THE DARK KNIGHT RETURNS Parts 1 & 2 (2012-13), JUSTICE LEAGUE: DOOM (2012), GREEN LANTERN: EMERALD KNIGHTS (2011), SUPERMAN/BATMAN PUBLIC ENEMIES (2009), the two HELLBOY animated movies (2007-08), as well as such horror offerings as TUSK (2014), the Shudder CREEPSHOW series (2019-2022), THE RECKONING (2020) and THE MANOR (2021).

THE LAIR film had its world premiere at the 22nd annual FrightFest in London last August, and premieres in theaters, On Demand, and Digital October 28th, 2022.

Watch the trailer for THE LAIR:

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