September 5, 2019

BRIDE OF FRANKENSTEIN Special Screening in Advance of Premiere Release of Franz Waxman’s Original Score Recording

Universal Pictures Film Music Heritage Collection and La-La Land Records celebrate the official world premiere release of the original 1935 Franz Waxman score recording of THE BRIDE OF FRANKENSTEIN with a special screening of “Bride” at Sleepy Hollow International Film Festival in Sleepy Hollow and Tarrytown, New York on Sunday, October 13th, 5PM, at Tarrytown Music Hall.

The event will include a live Q&A with composer Franz Waxman’s son, John Waxman, Universal Pictures Film Music Heritage Collection executive Alexia Baum, and album producer/restoration expert Mike Matessino, who will take the audience behind the scenes of this beloved classic monster movie and its immortal score.

La-La Land’s limited edition CD will be available for purchase at the event in the Music Hall lobby, ahead of the CD’s official release date (which has not yet been officially announced).

Arguably unparalleled in its genre, THE BRIDE OF FRANKENSTEIN, starring Boris Karloff and Elsa Lanchester, and directed by James Whale, continues to enthrall generations with its cinematic power, a vital part of which is the film’s astounding original music score by legendary composer Franz Waxman (REBECCA, SUNSET BLVD., SUSPICION, A PLACE IN THE SUN). This screening celebrates the world premiere release (in any format) of the original BRIDE score recording, which has been discovered and meticulously restored.

Tickets are available starting tomorrow, Sept. 6, at www.TarrytownMusicHall.org

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