April 2, 2019

Jacob Yoffee to Score Global Release of the Anime Series INGRESS: THE ANIMATION on Netflix –  also news on YouTube’s SHERWOOD Soundtrack

INGRESS THE ANIMATION.jpgAmerican composer Jacob Yoffee has been announced as the composer behind the global release of the anime series INGRESS: THE ANIMATION, which will be available on Netflix worldwide on April 30th. The show was first released in Japan with a different score, but will be introduced to the global audience with a reinvented score by Yoffee.

Trusting his sonic vision, the creators decided to go the non-traditional route and enlisted Yoffee to score the Japanese series. INGRESS: THE ANIMATION is based on Niantic’s augmented reality mobile game of the same name. The series follows a police investigator who has the power to read the memories of objects he touches,when he finds the ring of the sole survivor of a catastrophic experiment involving XM (an unknown substance) and is thrust into a worldwide conspiracy.

JacobYoffeeJacob Yoffe is best known for scoring LeBron James’ Best Shot series, for which Warner Bros. released the soundtrack on its record label – WaterTower Music, as well as Disney Channel’s hit series Andi Mack and the MTV series Finding Carter. He’s currently working on the upcoming Amazon Prime docu-series Free Meek, which will be released later this year.

In related news, the soundtrack to the Youtube original animated series SHERWOOD has been released digitally by 6th Man productions and is available on Amazon and iTunes. The music is composed by Roahn Hylton & Jacob Yoffee and is a mix of three powerful score tracks and nine contemporary pop songs, the latter featuring singers Mickey Shiloh and Nitzan. The futuristic adventure series has to do with teen hacker Robin of Sherwood who joins forces with a group of renegades to battle the mad Sheriff of Nottingham through the flooded storm-lashed streets of 23rd century London. Sample one of the score tracks below.

For more information on the composer, see his website

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