Zombie’s Munsters

July 13, 2022

Rob Zombie’s THE MUNSTERS Features Original Score by Composer Zeuss

THE MUNSTERS is a new comedy horror film written and directed Rob Zombie. The movie is a prequel to the 1960s family television sitcom of the same name. The film stars Sheri Moon Zombie, Jeff Daniel Phillips, Daniel Roebuck as the titular family, with Sylvester McCoy as Igor and Richard Brake as Dr. Henry Augustus Wolfgang. Zombie, referring to his previous R-rated films, he announced “for those of you speculating, wondering, and assuming that THE MUNSTERS would be dirty, violent and nasty… well, you are wrong, the film is rated PG.”

The film has been scored by Christopher Harris, a record producer, mixer, guitarist, composer, and songwriter known professionally as Zeuss (he scored Zombie’s 2017 film 31 and his 2019 3 FROM HELL film).

THE MUNSTERS is set to release in September 2022.

For more details see robzombie.com

Watch the film’s teaser trailer:

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