New *Batteries Not Included Release Gathers 2 CDs of James Horner

September 17, 2018

Intrada Expanded 2-CD Release of 1987 Science Fiction score

Batteries Not Included Intrada 2CD

[[[[UPDATE from Intrada: There is a delay in shipping Intrada’s *BATTERIES NOT INCLUDED 2-CD soundtrack – the shipper left out the second disc, and they have to order a new batch.   😦  See: intrada ]]]]]]]]]]]]]] 

James Horner provided a lengthy, fanciful, richly emotional score full of fantasy, excitement, nostalgia and color. Originally slated as an episode of Steven Spielberg’s television series AMAZING STORIES, the story impressed the director enough to develop it for the big screen instead. Horner steps up to the plate with his involved, moving musical tapestry to share the vision. A small diner setting allows for several of the composer’s signature swing-style numbers, while the mean-spirited tactics of real estate developers to tear down an apartment block owned by an elderly couple affords Horner opportunity to infuse music with solid degree of serious drama. Tender love stories both aging and young bring in romantic ideas while the arrival of two tiny spaceships with extraordinary abilities lets Horner aim for musical fantasy and magic in healthy doses.

The resulting score is dynamic meld of nostalgia, warmth, intense drama, exciting fantasy action all play in equal doses, albeit tender material supporting two leads remains at heart. The entire 2-CD Intrada release is assembled and mastered from the original 1987 two-track stereo masters engineered by Shawn Murphy at The Burbank Studios in 1987 and vaulted by Universal in pristine condition. Flipper-style cover art prepared by Kay Marshall for colorful booklet offers two distinctive artwork campaigns. Informative liner notes from Frank K. DeWald provide insight to release edited, mastered and produced for Intrada by Douglass Fake with executive production work from Roger Feigelson. Since the complete score (90 minutes) requires two CDs, the second disc also features a remastered presentation of Horner’s original 1987 soundtrack album.

To order, see track list, and sample tracks, see intrada.


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