A Knowing Endeavor

May 1, 2021

Deluxe KNOWING soundtrack by Marco Beltrami among Varèse Sarabande’s New Club Titles

Varèse Sarabande Records has dropped its April 2021 CD Club titles today, along with a deluxe edition of Jerry Goldsmith’s historical adventure drama Lionheart, the label offers a Deluxe Edition of KNOWING, the 2009 science fiction action drama scored by Marco Beltrami.

The film starred Nicolas Cage as an MIT astrophysics professor trying to decipher a prophecy of numbers that eerily predict worldwide disasters. Directed by Alex Proyas (THE CROW), the film features Cage in a race against time with the entire human race at stake.

Reuniting with Proyas from I, ROBOT, composer Marco Beltrami provided KNOWING with a powerful score at turns suspenseful, terrifying, pulse-pounding and action-packed. Recorded with a large orchestra in Australia, the score also has poignant emotional moments and a grand scope befitting the film’s apocalyptic implications.

“Working on KNOWING with Alex Proyas was such an inspiring experience,” said Beltrami. “His imagination sparked my own imagination and in turn, with the amazing musicians we recruited down in Sydney, we were able to produce one of my more adventurous scores.”  

KNOWING was released by Varèse Sarabande as a single CD at the time of the film. This 2-CD Deluxe Edition nearly doubles the playing time and features new liner notes by film music journalist Daniel Schweiger incorporating interviews with Beltrami and his collaborators, Buck Sanders and Marcus Trumpp.

To purchase within the US see here.

To purchase outside of the US, see here.

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