Arigato Bukimisha

August 28, 2021

A Capella Bukimisha: The Spiritual Voices of Akira Ifukube – Godzilla vs Rodan

BSX Records is proud to present a new take on the classic film music of maestro Akira Ifukube. For the first time outside of Japan, the complete scores to GODZILLA and RODAN have been preformed on CD without the use of a standard orchestra or synthesizers. Instead, they have been painstakingly recreated using only what some have called the original acoustical instrument — the human voice.

For several decades, a self-proclaimed ‘secret society’ known only as Bukimisha have been enthralling audiences throughout their native Japan with amazing ‘a Capella’ vocal stylings. This group of over twenty singers have turned their love of fantasy and sci-fi music into a unique art form, all the while building an impressive catalog of over 100 albums. Many feature Ifukube’s vast library of movie themes, classical compositions and, to date. over 17 complete film scores. Bukimisha was even given the great honor of performing before the legendary composer at one of his last birthday celebrations before his passing in 2006.

This first in a series of exclusive BSX releases contains the complete 1954 score to the original GODZILLA, as well as previously unheard material that had never appeared on the original soundtracks. Only a small portion of the “Eiko-maru Ship Music” was actually recorded for an on-screen performance and is presented here in its entirety. However, another cue went completely unrecorded, possibly because the scene it was composed for was never filmed. Titled “Cemetery,” this sequence was meant to follow just after the typhoon hits Odo Island. Godzilla’s iconic roar, footsteps and the Oxygen Destroyer musical effects have also been included.

Released just two years later, RODAN was Toho’s first giant monster movie made in color. A fascinating counterpoint to the nuclear nightmare of GODZILLA, Ifukube offered darker musical motifs to represent a claustrophobic coal mine filled with unseen horror. The score later turns to the composer’s most memorable military marches when the monster takes to the sky. An alternate ‘film’ version of the main title, featuring Rodan’s roar, has exclusively been created for this release.

Sample some of the unique and fascinating tracks here.

BSX Records is proud and excited to introduce the unique performance art of Bukimisha to monster movie fans outside of Japan. This album has been mastered by James Nelson at Digital Outland from the group’s original digital recordings, all supervised and approved by Takeo Yahiro & Bukimisha. Exclusive liner notes by author David Hirsch explore the performers’ mysterious background, with details of Akira Ifukube’s life and career.

This CD is a limited run of 500 units. Pre-orders are now available – the CD is expected to begin shipping the week of September 6th, 2021

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