Balfe’s Dark Music Materializes

December 29, 2022

Silva Screen Records Presents Lorne Balfe’s HIS DARK MATERIALS Series 3: Episodes 3 – 8

Following the release of HIS DARK MATERIALS Series 3, Episodes 1-2, Silva Screen digitally released three final albums of Lorne Balfe’s soundtrack highlights from HIS DARK MATERIALS Series 3. Episodes 3 & 4 released on December 13th, Episode 5 & 6 released on December 20th, and Episodes 7 and 8 released on December 27th, completing the soundtrack albums from the 3rd Season episodes.

Philip Pullman’s award-winning trilogy is considered a modern masterpiece of imaginative fiction and has sold over 18 million copies worldwide. HIS DARK MATERIALS series two launched in the UK with over 5.8 million viewers on BBC One and, to date, both series have been requested over 30 million times on BBC iPlayer, with numbers increasing throughout series two.

The show’s third and final season is based on Pullman’s The Amber Spyglass, the third book in the author’s His Dark Materials trilogy. The third series premiered on HBO on December 5th 2022, with its UK premiere on 18 December 2022, with the series being released in full on BBC iPlayer, and airing weekly on BBC One.

The music for the entire trilogy is composed by Lorne Balfe. Music for HIS DARK MATERIALS Series One and Two received favorable reviews with the NME praising Lorne’s work – “the show’s elegant score is awash with spellbinding themes and beautifully twisted backdrops comparable to some of Howard Shore’s work on the LORD OF THE RINGS trilogy. Without it, one of the most exciting show’s in recent years would be very different.” Movie Wave calls it “easily the best episodic tv music I’ve heard in a very long time” and Soundtrack World refers to it as “gorgeous.” Balfe’s HIS DARK MATERIALS score was nominated for two awards: for Best Original Score for a Television Series at the 2020 International Film Music Critics Association (IFMCA) awards and for Music – Original Title at the 2020 Royal Television Society awards.

For details on soundtracks for all 8 episodes, see 

The digital albums are now available via Amazon (Episodes 3-4), (Episodes 5-6), (Episodes 7-8)

Listen to the track “Explosive Exit” from the Episode 5-6 soundtrack, via Youtube:

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