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March 16, 2021

La-La Land Records Announces THE TIME TUNNEL Soundtrack From Irwin Allen TV Series Featuring John Williams and Others

La-La Land Records, Synthesis Entertainment, 20th Century Studios, and Legendary Pictures announce THE TIME TUNNEL: Original Television Soundtrack Collection – Vol. 1: Limited Edition, a deluxe 3-CD collection of original music from the classic Irwin Allen 1966-1967 sci-fi/time-travel adventure television series.

This beloved series chronicled the time-traveling adventures of two scientists flung into varied pasts and futures via a top-secret, underground government base called Project Tic-Toc. THE TIME TUNNEL was producer Irwin Allen’s favorite series among the ones he produced, and unlike LOST IN SPACE, VOYAGE TO THE BOTTOM OF THE SEA or LAND OF THE GIANTS, it would require the show’s scores to reflect not only the series’ overall sci-fi drama and adventure, but also the varied pasts and presents each episode would visit.

This first volume collection of original music from THE TIME TUNNEL features dynamic work from acclaimed composers Johnny Williams, Lyn Murray, Paul Sawtell and Robert Drasnin. who demonstrate fine examples of exciting 1960s television scoring. The show’s pilot “Rendezvous With Yesterday” kicks off this deluxe presentation, which also showcases music from the episodes “One Way to the Moon,” “End of the World,” “The Day the Sky Fell In,” The Last Patrol,” and “Crack of Doom,” with additional music cues also featured, including the debut of the actual Williams’ “time travel” music that played at the beginning of most episodes. Limited to 1000 units, this 3-CD set is produced by Jeff Bond and Neil S. Bulk, executive produced for 20th Century Studios by Mike Matessino, and digitally edited and mastered from original mono recordings by James Nelson. The exclusive liner notes are by Jeff Bond and the art design is by Mark Banning.

The collection is now available for pre-orders. Will ship beginning March 22. See

Also announced by La-La Land Records and Paramount Pictures is the original motion picture score to Paramount Pictures’ horror sequel FRIDAY THE 13th PART VIII – JASON TAKES MANHATTAN (1989), starring Todd Caldecott, Tiffany Paulsen and Kane Hodder, and directed by Rob Hedden. Acclaimed composer Fred Mollin (FRIDAY THE 13th PART VII THE NEW BLOOD, FRIDAY THE 13th: THE SERIES) fashions the first FRIDAY film score at that time not composed or co-composed by Harry Manfredini, creating an all-new musical soundscape of fun and terror. Building on his co-composing for FRIDAY THE 13th PART VII, Mollin pushes forward his inventive use of industrial percussion, synth pads, rhythmic looping, synthesized strings and woodwinds and skull-pounding dissonance, resulting in a unique and notable work of electronic scoring. Also featured are four songs from the film: “The Darkest Side of the Night”, “Broken Dream,” “J.J.’s Blues” and “Livin’ In The City,” all making their debut on this presentation with new mixes from composer Fred Mollin and songwriter Stan Meissner’s personal archives.

Produced by Dan Goldwasser and Fred Mollin, and mastered by James Nelson, this limited edition CD release was sourced from the composer’s master elements. Since Mollin composed the score without Harry Manfredini’s “Ki-Ki-Ki… Ma-ma-ma…” motif (these were added later, independent of the score, during the final film mix) many of these iterations are absent from this album.

Writer, composer, and author of the forthcoming book “The Music of FRIDAY THE 13th, Brian Satterwhite, provides the CD’s exclusive, in-depth liner notes, (including comments from Mollin and songwriter Stan Meissner), while the gleefully terrifying art design is by Dan Goldwasser.

The album is a limited edition of 2000 Units, autographed by the composer. Pre-orders are now available – shipping starts March 22. See

Watch the 1966 trailer for THE TIME TUNNEL:

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