Beware Falling Debris

May 11, 2021

Soundtrack for NBC’s DEBRIS To Be Released on Friday, Music by Raney Shockne

Milan Records will release a soundtrack album for the NBC drama Debris. The album original music from the show composed by Raney Shockne (QUEEN OF THE SOUTH, ANGER MANAGEMENT, KEVIN CAN WAIT). The soundtrack will be released digitally next Friday, May 14 and is now available for pre-order on Amazon.

The 13 episode series, produced by Universal Television and Legendary Television, shows on NBC and streams on Hulu. The show takes place in the present day, when debris from an alien spacecraft has been falling across Earth over the previous six months; an international task force has been formed to identify and collect these pieces, which have been found to have unusual and often deadly effects on humans and their surroundings. Episodes follow partners CIA operative Bryan Beneventi (Jonathan Tucker) and MI6 operative Finola Jones (Riann Steele) as they track down these pieces and investigate others who are seeking the pieces with uncertain but likely nefarious intent.

Raney Shockne, based in Los Angeles, has been scoring TV and films since the early 2000s; he’s written and produced songs for such pop stars as Pitbull, Britney Spears, Foxes, and Giorgio Moroder, with whom he co-wrote the music for the USA Network’s television drama QUEEN OF THE SOUTH as well as Sanzaru Games’/Disney Interactive Studios’ platform game, TRON RUN/r. He scored the Netflix Horror, Reality-TV series HAUNTED in 2018-19, he recently composed the music for Kaia Alexander’s documentary feature film CHALICE: WOMEN LEADERS RISE, which explores how and why women have been written out of history and how this has influenced the treatment of women globally, and he is currently contributing music to the CYBERPUNK 2077 action role-playing video game from CD Projekt.

– via filmmusicreporter and other sources.

Watch the trailer for DEBRIS:

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