Buffy The Vampire Slayer 4-CD Score Album

February 8, 2018

4-CD Box Set soundtrack to BUFFY THE VAMPIRE SLAYER Out Next Tues

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Just announced from La-La Land: the premiere multi-disc set devoted to the scores (and theme song) from the televised chronicles of our very own Chosen One of Sunnydale, Buffy the Vampire Slayer, with four CDs staked full of prime slayer trackage, presenting choice bites from seasons 2-7 plus the Carter Burwell score from the original BUFFY movie starring Kristy Swanson.

Buffy_Front_tray-cover-vers6The set contains 124 Chosen tracks from 43 BUFFY episodes – plus a few extra goodies – and a mutant’s enemy’s worth of music (five hour’s worth – surely more than enough to raise the Hellmouth in your own preferred listening spot: grave, crypt, or local Bronze) from BUFFY themesters Nerf Herder and all-powerful composers Christophe Beck, Shawn K. Clement & Sean Murray, Thomas Wander, Robert Duncan, and Carter Burwell.

The box of Gavrok set [does not contain Gavrok!] includes a 40-page booklet, lavishly illustrated and designed by art director Mark Banning and featuring exclusive, comprehensive commentary notes including interviews with all the represented composers by Randall D. Larson, plus an introduction by Mark A. Altman, co-author of Slayers & Angels, an oral history of Buffy the Vampire Slayer and Angel.

The album is produced for La-La land Records by Mike Joffe and Nick Redman, along with associate producer Randall D. Larson. Album assembled by Mike Joffe. Executive Album Producers for La-La Land Records, MV Gerhardt and Matt Verboys.

The Buffy the Vampire Slayer Collection is limited to 3000 units and will be available to order on Tuesday, February 13 on the label’s website

For a list of all the bloody tracks collected for this , see the La-La Land Records FB page here

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