CD Soundtrack PANDORA and an Extended DARKMAN

January 29, 2020

An extended 2CD soundtrack for Danny Elfman’s DARKMAN – and a premiere soundtrack CD for The CW’s PANDORA by Joe Kraemer & Penka Kouneva

LLL Pandora & Darkman

La-La Land Records presents PANDORA: SEASON ONE, the original television soundtrack to the acclaimed first season of the hit sci-fi series PANDORA. Renowned composers Joe Kraemer (JACK REACHER, MISSION: IMPOSSIBLE ROUGE NATION) and Penka Kouneva (ENCOUNTER), have created an astounding musical universe for this imaginative series which takes place in a futuristic 2199, where the students of Earth’s Space Training Academy find themselves dealing with everything from extra-terrestrial invaders, crime lords, political subterfuge and more, to their own inter-personal relationships. It’s a vast universe of drama, thrills, wonder and action, and composers Kraemer/Kouneva meet this challenge with a first season full of dynamic and varied scores – the highlights of which are represented on this knockout presentation! The CD release features exclusive, in-depth liner notes by writer Daniel Schweiger, taking you behind the show and its music, with comments from the composers and series creator, Mark A. Altman. The art design is by Mark Banning.

For more details, sample tracks, and to order, see La-La Land Records 

Read our original report on PANDORA, featuring comments from Kraemer and Kouneva about scoring the series: Music for Pandora 

The PANDORA CD will ship on January 31st – as will the label’s release of a 30th Anniversary limited edition 2-cd set of Danny Elfman’s score for DARKMAN. sci-fi/horror/action/super-hero hybrid that marked the first collaboration between director Sam Raimi and composer Elfman.

DARKMAN finds Elfman in the period following his immortal, breakthrough BATMAN score, and here, he unleashes another gothic and expressionistic orchestral wonder – a tragic, haunting, brooding and darkly romantic musical deep dive that is rich in theme and brimming with classic film score motifs.

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