Dark Elevator Game

October 5, 2021

Composer Jerome Leroy Posts His Horror Soundtrack Score for THE LIFT On His Website for Listening

– Randall D. Larson

Composer Jerome Leroy has posted the soundtrack album featuring his music from the horror film THE LIFT (Thang Máy) is now available on his website for listening (which he has done with many of his film scores). The film is “an intense Vietnamese horror film which I worked on last year, in the middle of the pandemic,” said Leroy. “Director Peter Mourougaya was looking for a kind of throwback to the unapologetically electronic scores of Dario Argento’s horror films from the 70s/80s. At the same time, Peter understood that storytelling and audience expectations have changed since then, and so he wanted to update that palette to incorporate more modern electronics.”

Mourougaya was inspired by the “Elevator Game” urban legend, which supposes you can enter a new dimension if you press an elevator’s buttons in a specific order. Jerome is largely known for his orchestral film scores but THE LIFT called for an electronic musical palette. Working with sound designer and programmer Roberto Prado to develop a unique electronic sound spectrum that would fit the film’s tension and suspense, and its shadowy, otherworld, yet one that still worked thematically while harboring plenty of frightening textures and haunting harmonics.

I had the pleasure of writing the notes for this website release. Listen to the score and read the full notes here. – rdl

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