September 16, 2020

Soundtrack to Netflix Series AWAY Released – Score by Will Bates

Back Lot Music has released a digital soundtrack album from the Netflix Original Series AWAY (produced by Universal Television) by composer Will Bates (I ORIGINS, ANOTHER EARTH, UNBELIEVABLE, THE LOOMING TOWER). The science fiction drama’s score is full of electronic atmospheric soundscapes with an intense emotional undercurrent. Bates takes listeners on a beautifully diverse sonic journey with this 22-track album.

“I had an amazing experience scoring AWAY,” said Bates. “Having worked with the showrunners on several projects together before, including THE PATH and RISE, there was already a shared language and a real mutual sense of trust.”

In AWAY, an American astronaut struggles with leaving her husband and daughter behind to embark on a dangerous mission with an international space crew. The concept and developing story gave Bates opportunities to score various emotive nuances as well as the concept of experiencing the curious sensation of space travel. “Sharing that explorer’s sense of wonder and aspiration, space itself can be something of an exciting blank canvas for a composer,” Bates continued. “And the showrunners were always keen to try something a little different. I found myself experimenting with all sorts of unusual instrumentation; from dulcimers, prepared pianos and dusty old parlor organs to modular synths, timpani and manipulated live strings. Identifying the human themes whilst capturing the vast distances of space. And of course, having one of the lead actors play pieces I’d written for him was thrilling in its own right.”

Stream or purchase the AWAY soundtrack at these links.

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