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April 29, 2022

Oscar Fogelström Scores Scares with ROOFTOP – Soundtrack Available from MSM

ROOFTOP is a Filipino horror film directed by Yam Laranas and produced by Viva Films (Philippines). It stars Ryza Cenon, Marco Gumabao, Ella Cruz, Rhen Escaño, Marco Gallo, Andrew Muhlach, and Epy Quizon, and is about a group of friends experiencing terror because of a prank that went wrong.

The film’s original score has been composed by Swedish composer Oscar Fogelström and was digitally released by MovieScore Media. “I really enjoyed working on this project with my long time collaborator, director Yam Laranas, said Fogelström. “This film is something slightly different than what we have done together before: it is a more straight forward date movie/slasher movie with lots of jump scares. Yam wanted a ‘youthful’ electronic score with a touch of retro horror scores à la John Carpenter and others. So I had the opportunity to delve into a lot of old synthesizer based scores for my research/preproduction. Although the score is mostly ‘modern,’ there is a hint of electronic horror scores from the past.”

ROOFTOP marks the composer’s sixth collaboration with director Yam Laranas, following their work together on ABOMINATION (2018), which was nominated for best score at the Sinag Maynila Film Festival. His releases with the MovieScore Media include other Yam Laranas movies, including AURORA (2018) which won ”Best Overall Score 2018” at, NIGHT SHIFT (2019), DEATH OF A GIRLFRIEND (2021) and GREED (2022).

For more details, to listen to the score, and to order see MovieScoreMedia.

Watch the film’s Filipino trailer (subtitled in English):

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