July 15, 2018

Lakeshore to release YouTube’s original sf series IMPULSE Season 1

_impulse_2400Lakeshore Records will digitally release the original series soundtrack to IMPULSE: SEASON 1 on July 20th, featuring the show’s original score by DERU, also known as the Emmy-winning composer, Benjamin Wynn. The 10-episode science fiction series, created by Doug Liman (THE BOURNE IDENTITY, THE EDGE OF TOMORROW), is a genre-bending action-thriller from Universal Cable Productions (UCP) that is now streaming on YouTube Premium. The limited series features a rebellious 16-year-old girl “Henri” (Maddie Hasson) who soon discovers she has the extraordinary ability to teleport.

DERU on creating the sound for IMPULSE:

 “The inspiration for the score focused around the Cristal Baschet, a French instrument that involves getting your fingers wet and rubbing glass rods that make two metal radiators vibrate and come to life. They’re hard to come by, but I happened to meet a player, Lenka Moravkova, who was in LA at the time. The first night we got together I came up with the main theme just by playing a few notes on it. The sound itself seemed to match with the vibe of the show.

In addition to recordings, the instrument worked its way into the score in subtler ways. I tapped on the radiators with drumsticks and sent synths through those impulse responses to make them sound like they were coming out of it. The Cristal Baschet became the sound of the show that I composed the other music around.

IMPULSE is the first score that I’ve written under the DERU moniker. The show allowed me to be in my element and write mostly dark ambient electronic music. Functionally, the music was able to hold the tension and grittiness of the plot without being too overt, which is some of my favorite stuff to write. The showrunner [Doug Liman] and producers were so great to work with that I knew I could trust my instincts, and being able to go for it and ‘do what I do’ was a gift.”

Pre-order the digital soundtrack from Amazon or iTunes

WATCH the trailer for IMPULSE:


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