January 22, 2020

Score (by Kevin Kiner) & Songs from Gonzo SF Comedy FREAKED Now Available on Vinyl

The vinyl release marks the first time the soundtrack for the cult film will be available in any format.

Death Waltz Recording Company has released the score and the songs featured in Alex Winter and Tom Stern’s 1983 science fiction comedy FREAKED. Available for the first time in any format, this 2XLP set Disc One features songs from the movie on Disc One—wild tracks from the likes of Butthole Surfers, Blind Idiot God, Henry Rollins, Axiom Funk, Iggy Pop, and more—and features Kevin Kiner’s original score—which rivals any number of Amblin’s films from the 1980s—on Disc Two. Kiner’s music is incredibly nuanced, yet playful and bombastic (in a good way). It is a revelation to listen to the score independent of the film.

“FREAKED is truly gonzo, funny as all hell, has an incredible cast, absolutely killer practical FX, and a soundtrack that features everyone from Henry Rollins to George Clinton along with Kevin Kiner’s beautiful orchestral score,” said Spencer Hickman, Mondo & Death Waltz Recording Company Head of Music. “We are thrilled to be releasing FREAKED for the first time on vinyl, three years in the making and worth every minute spent on it. If you haven’t seen FREAKED head to Amazon Prime right now where it is available and revel in this true Hollywood oddity!”

FREAKED – Original Motion Picture Soundtrack 2XLP is pressed on 2X 140 Gram colored vinyl and features liner notes by directors Tom Stern and Alex Winter. The album is available for sale now at mondotees

-via Death Waltz Recording Co.

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