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November 16, 2021

Film/TV Composer Will Bates Scores 3 New Soundtracks for FAR CRY 6 Downloadable Content Episodes

Three new soundtracks from Ubisoft Music feature new music from Far Cry® 6’s newly released and forthcoming offerings of downloadable content (DLC) content, based on iconic villains from past entries in the franchise. The first DLC in support of Far Cry 6 is Vaas: Insanity, which features a playable version of the iconic villain Vaas from Far Cry® 3, originally played by Better Call Saul’s Michael Mando, who resumes his role here once again. The soundtrack, composed by Will Bates, is now available on digital platforms, accompanying the release of the DLC itself. The two upcoming DLC episodes – Pagan: Control and Joseph: Collapse as well as their respective soundtracks by Bates – will be released in 2022.

(The Far Cry 6 game itself has been scored by Pedro Bromfman, and a complete original game soundtrack is currently available on digital platforms.)

Will Bates – IMDB Image

Will Bates is an award-winning composer, multi-instrumentalist and founder of Fall On Your Sword. He has composed original scores for a myriad of films including NIGHTFLYERS, CHARMED, AWAY, THE MAGICIANS, and IMPERIUM. As a solo artist and multi-instrumentalist, Bates has recorded and toured around the globe under the name of his own post-punk band The Rinse and has collaborated with Electric Six front-man Dick Valentine as The Evil Cowards. In 2007, Bates created the first of a series of videos under the name Fall On Your Sword; in 2009, Fall On Your Sword evolved into a music production company, and under that name Bates co-composed such films and series I ORIGINS, ANOTHER EARTH, LOLA VERSUS, and others.

Speaking on his work scoring for the first DLC, Vaas: Insanity, Bates said, “Scoring for Vaas was the perfect way for me to get into the Far Cry universe. A character who is constantly showing us ‘the definition of insanity’. He’s unpredictable, unstable and just asking for bold musical choices. The score to Far Cry 3 served as inspiration for some of the choices in instrumentation but taken to a more extreme and twisted place for this DLC.”

Speaking about his experience working on all three DLCS, Bates continued, “I loved getting into the twisted minds of these characters, uncovering their darkest secrets and obsessions allowed me to pick from so many musical colors. I found myself writing rich musical passages and then taking a sledgehammer to them to build these sonic landscapes for the game. I love to experiment with unusual sounds, so this was such a fun project, and working with the Ubisoft team is always a pleasure.”

Purchase and/or stream the soundtrack to Vaas: Insanity here.

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