German composer Klaus Pfreundner Scores a new BLOOD FEAST

Digital Soundtrack to BLOOD FEAST Remake Released by ScreamWorks

August 3, 2017

bloodfeast ost msmScreamWorks Records invites its listeners to a BLOOD FEAST, scored by German composer Klaus Pfreundner. An official remake of the 1963 horror by Herschell Gordon Lewis, the new feature was co-written and directed by Marcel Waltz. The film tells the story of Fuad Ramses (Robert Rusler), an American entrepreneur who moves to France with his family in order to open an American diner. With business going slowly, Ramses also works night shifts in a museum of ancient Egyptian culture. Tortured by vision from the Goddess Ishtar (Sadie Katz), Fuad starts to spice up his meals with unlikely ingredients….

German composer Klaus Pfreundner has a varied background in music with a strong emphasis on songwriter and musical theater; he is also a member of the cover band Radspitz. BLOOD FEAST marks Pfreundner’s fifth collaboration with director Marcel Waltz, following SEED 2, RAW 2, DAS TAGEBUCH DER GRETE MÜLLER and LA PETITE MORT II.

“Behind the seemingly perfect world lurks the beast,” says Pfreundner about his first thoughts about BLOOD FEAST after seeing the first cut. “Marcel was excited about that and so he gave me his confidence and free hand to implement my ideas. For us, it was important to honor the original score by Lewis, so in the ‘Main Theme,’ you can hear the legendary timpani sound from the original score. The cue called ‘The Feast’ proved an opportunity for another darkly humorous sequence – in this one, I quoted ‘In the Hall of the Mountain King’ from Edvard Grieg’s Peer Gynt. The whole project was a funny ‘bloody’ journey from Heaven to Hell, not least because I could use my entire arsenal of nasty and evil sounds.” The soundtrack also includes two-two songs performed by Chilli con Curtis and Nici Roxxs.

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