January 11, 2019

Horror film DON’T GO Soundtrack Download Available – score by DJ/trance artist Ferry Corsten

dont goStillpoint Music has released a soundtrack album for the supernatural thriller DON’T GO. The album features the film’s original music composed by Dutch DJ/trance artist/record producer Ferry Corsten who made his film scoring debut on the project.

“I’ve been to a place where Molly’s still alive”

From IFC Films, DON’T GO is directed by David Gleeson and stars Stephen Dorff, Melissa George and Simon Delaney. The film is an intense rollercoaster of emotions, centred around the death of a young girl and the anguish and increasingly surreal experience the parents, endure as they are pulled into a mystery surrounding the girl’s death, which causes the lines between dreams and reality to become blurred. The oscillating suspense and wonder are soundtracked by Ferry Corsten, who pairs his extensive knowledge in electronic music with orchestral and traditional film music instrumentation to create a soundtrack that mirrors the events on-screen perfectly, ranging from the almost exclusively acoustic “Ben’s Nightmare” to the heavily electronic “Hospital,” as all facets of Ferry’s illustrious production experience are put to use to portray the unfolding drama.

Gleeson was attracted to Corsten after hearing the musician’s sixth studio album, 2017’s Blueprint. “The whole thing came about because of Blueprint,” Corsten explained in an interview for the headlinermagazine web site. “It landed on the desk of David Gleeson. He first approached me for two or three scenes, but after we had a brief talk about what he was looking for, he sent me a text saying he’d like me to do the whole score…. It’s been amazing. It’s almost like you put your mind to something, and then the universe makes it work for you. I definitely watched some tutorials! [laughs] Junkie XL’s tutorials were very helpful.” It looks like Corsten is following in the path of Tom Holkenborg (Junkie XL), who was also a Dutch dance producer, and is now an established A-list film composer.

ferry corsten


On working on his first film score, Ferry Corsten said (in Stillpoint’s official press release), “I have always been interested in soundscapes and using music to evoke emotional responses, so working with film is an area I have wanted to explore. I am grateful to have been able to work with David on my first soundtrack, and it is something I would like to expand on in the future.”

For more information about the composer, see www.ferrycorsten.com

To sample tracks or purchase the download, see Amazon, stream it in Spotify, or listen to the album on Soundcloud.
Watch the DON’T GO trailer:



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