Goldsmith’s Reincarnation

December 3, 2018

PETER PROUD: Jerry Goldsmith Rarity Found & Produced by Intrada

ReincarnationOfPProud_isc421_600b (1)One of the most sought-after Jerry Goldsmith horror/science fiction scores makes its long-awaited world premiere courtesy of Intrada (who we’ve already been thanking for finally releasing DAMNATION ALLEY last year). THE REINCARNATION OF PETER PROUD (1975), directed by J. Lee Thompson, scripted by Max Ehrlich from his own novel, and starring Michael Sarrazin, Jennifer O’Neill, and Margot Kidder, is about a college professor who begins to have recurring dreams about a past life he once lived. As he investigates the dreams he is drawn his past wife, while unable to avoid becoming romantically involved with the young girl who is or was his daughter… Goldsmith’s score is an effective mix of electronic keyboards and full orchestra. “Shades of complex multi-piano and string complexities of the forthcoming COMA and meld of electronics becoming full orchestra timbre of LOGAN’S RUN both find their origins in PETER PROUD,” writes the label. “Goldsmith anchors with a main theme introduced from the outset by a chamber-sized string ensemble with liberal electronics to establish an other-worldly dream-like tone mingled with impending terror. When the search begins, Goldsmith opens his material up with a degree of forward motion, adding size to his ensemble. Still further into the story, he increases his orchestral forces, eventually scoring in a full-blooded action/horror mode. Adding further depth to the score, Goldsmith also created one of his most beautiful love themes, here featuring piano and strings, often with the added color of solo flute.” Intrada located the score’s master tapes (complete, and with music not used in the finished film), allowing them to produce the complete score to one of Goldsmith’s last remaining film soundtracks that had been waiting for release. Detailed notes by Jeff Bond and layout prepared by Kay Marshall enhance this important release.

HiderInTheHouse_isc424_600a (1)Also from Intrada this week is a reissue of Christopher Young’s soundtrack for the 1989 horror thriller, HIDER IN THE HOUSE. “Inspired writing takes listener on a musical journey through both the tortured mind of the ‘hider’ and a sometimes idyllic, sometimes conflicted world of [a] married couple,” notes Intrada. “A wealth of complex string ideas, tremolos, harmonics, glissandos and other effects fill one portion of the score while chimes, percussion, flute, French horn, trombone all bring striking color to everything. Among the coolest ideas are Young’s frequent use of bitonal chords that shift in and out, adding harmonic complexity without relying simply on dissonance. For Young’s fans of his intense thriller voice, fear not. He devotes ample time to his aggressive horror idiom.” The content is identical to Intrada’s first release of this score in 1990, but it’s available for those who missed out on it 28 years ago.

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