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October 14, 2021

New Genre Releases from Dragon’s Domain – Premiere CD Releases of Chuck Cirino’s TEENAGE EXORCIST & WITCH ACADEMY and Alan Howarth’s BASEMENT JACK

Dragon’s Domain Records, to be distributed through buysoundtrax.com, presents music composed by Chuck Cirino for TEENAGE EXORCIST (1991) and WITCH ACADEMY (1994), two horror comedies from the composer’s extensive filmography. TEENAGE EXORCIST stars Brinke Stevens, Eddie Deezen, Robert Quarry, and Michael Berryman in a story of a neurotic, repressed grad student who moves into a cursed mansion and finds herself possessed by the house’s demonic master. Transformed into a raven-haired seductress, Diane begins to search for a virgin sacrifice for her master. WITCH ACADEMY, also known as LITTLE DEVILS, was directed by Fred Olen Ray and stars Michelle Bauer, Suzanne Ager, Ruth Collins, and Veronica Carothers with extra star power added via Priscilla Barnes (best known for THREE’S COMPANY) and Robert Vaughn (THE MAN FROM U.N.C.L.E.) as The Devil. It’s a seductive comedy about members of an exclusive college sorority coven who seek twisted new ways to humiliate a new pledge, but The Devil has other ideas. Both films feature fun and exciting scores by prolific composer Chuck Cirino.

2009’s BASEMENT JACK features the music composed and performed by Alan Howarth for the 2009 horror film directed by Michael Shelton and starring Eric Peter-Kaiser, Sam Skoryna, Michele Morrow, and Tiffany Shepis. The film follows killer Jack Riley, dubbed Basement Jack because of his penchant for hiding out in the basements of his victims, who has been released from the state asylum. Surprise: he hasn’t been cured and soon starts to kill again.

Each of these films contain powerful and effective electronic scores by masters of the medium and the genre, superbly mastered by James Nelson at Digital Outland. Both CDs are limited editions of 500 units; As a special offer for either CD, the first 50 people to order the album(s) from the record label’s website will have their copy autographed by the composer(s) at no additional charge. The CDs are expected to begin shipping the week of November 1st.

See BuySoundtrax for details and sample music tracks.

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