August 21, 2020

WaterTower Releases STAR GIRL, HARLEY QUINN, LUCIFER Soundtracks

The first soundtrack album for the DC Universe/The CW superhero series STARGIRL releases today from Water Tower Music, featuring original music composed by Pinar Toprak (CAPTAIN MARVEL, KRYPTON, McMILLIONS) from the series’ first season. The label also presents a pair of soundtracks from the first and second seasons of music by Jefferson Friedman (NEW AMSTERDAM, POWERLESS) to the animated HARLEY QUINN, and the first soundtrack from the fantasy series LUCIFER, featuring various musical performances from the show, produced by composers Jeff Russo and Ben Decter. For more details, see WaterTowerMusic

Related: For more details on the music for HARLEY QUINN see my interview with Jefferson Friedman here.

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