Howlin’ Wolf Records Celebrates Its 10th Anniversary with Malevolence

April 10, 2019

Record Label Dedicated to Horror & Suspense Celebrates 10th Anniversary with MALEVOLENCE 3 soundtrack

malevolence3 OSTHowlin’ Wolf Records is very proud to celebrate its ten year anniversary with the release of its 40th catalog entry, the conclusion to Stevan Mena’s MALEVOLENCE Trilogy, titled MALEVOLENCE 3: KILLER (2018).

On April 10, 2009 the label released its first soundtrack, the score to MALEVOLENCE, which was the directorial debut of filmmaker Stevan Mena, who served as the film’s screenwriter, director, producer, editor, and composer. The label’s Mission Statement, as printed on the “About Us” page, remains unchanged after ten years of producing soundtrack releases, and is very much inspired by its first soundtrack release MALEVOLENCE.

cover_malevolence1To quote… “Though a love of music from all genres of film is the foundation for the formation of this record label, the initial focus will be on presenting dynamic film scores composed for horror and suspense. From synthesizer to orchestra, music that unnerves, haunts, and sets your heart pounding is our passion.”

MALEVOLENCE 3: KILLER fully lives up to the original mission statement and delivers an unforgettable end to a great soundtrack trilogy. So hang on for an electrifying musical experience as the story of Martin Bristol comes to a conclusion …and be prepared to jump out of your seat a few times!

The insert booklet for MALEVOLENCE 3: KILLER features a forward by Ross Hughes of HorrorCultFilms UK, liner notes written by Mena, along with a note from Howlin’ Wolf Records Founder, Wall Crumpler, recalling how his search for the MALEVOLENCE soundtrack gave rise to a record label. All beautifully packaged with designs by one of the contemporary masters of soundtrack artwork and design, Luis Miguel Rojas.

As a special and very limited offer, Stevan Mena will be opening a few CDs and signing the booklets prior to shipping. These limited autographed booklets will ship exclusively with early orders placed on the Howlin’ Wolf Records website and will be first come, first served.

And please join Musique Fantastique in congratulating Howlin’ Wolf Records for the years of terrific soundtracks – and best of success over the next ten!

For more details, music excerpts, and purchasing options, see Howlin’Wolf

Watch the MALEVOLENCE 3: KILLER trailer:


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