Intrada Captures GWANGI!

May 28, 2018

Classic Jerome Moross Score for Harryhausen Dynamation Thriller available in its entirely after nearly 50 years!

At long last, Nearly 50 yrs after the movie’s debut, this thrilling Jerome Moross score for Ray Harryhausen’s exciting 1969 modern-cowboys-versus-ancient-Tyrannosaurus movie finally premieres complete on CD. Produced by Harryhausen’s frequent production collaborator Charles H. Schneer, directed James O’Connolly (HORROR ON SNAPE ISLAND), starring James Franciscus, Gina Golan, and classic 50’s B-movie star Richard Carlson.

Valley of Gwangi IntradaAfter an exhaustive search, Intrada’s Douglass Fake explains, “suitable mono music elements were assembled and the entire score was finally available for presentation, free of dialog, including several unused alternates and bits not heard in finished film – 71 minutes of music in all!”

As was customary with Harryhausen pictures, numerous fantastic stop-motion creations inspired composers (famously Bernard Herrmann) to write colorful, fantastic music. GWANGI is no exception. But adding to the good vibes: a fantastical American-west setting which inspired legendary Americana composer Moross to offer rousing tribute to his own beloved western vernacular immortalized with THE BIG COUNTRY, Fake added. “As a result of two wildly diverse elements grounding the film – fantastic beasts vs. cowboys on horseback – Moross gets the opportunity to write thrilling monster-style action music and sturdy outdoor western music… for the same movie!”

Previously available only on an 18-minute suite included on a compilation album, recorded by the City of Prague Philharmonic in 1995, Intrada’s presentation includes the complete, original soundtrack music, along with all the source music and supported by a thoroughly illustrated booklet featuring detailed note about the film and its score notes by Jeff Bond.

For more information, check out some sample tracks, or pre-order, see intrada


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