Intrada presents Goldsmith’s unreleased score to 1977’s DAMNATION ALLEY

December 3, 2017

World Premiere Soundtrack Limited Edition Available Tuesday

Damnation Alley cover combo

Likely, Jerry Goldsmith’s most sought-after unreleased score is that for Jack Smight’s 1977 post-apocalyptic action thriller, loosely based on the novel of the same name by Roger Zelazny, Intrada has found the original standalone music tapes and re-performed the missing synthesizer tracks to provide the score as originally heard in theaters.

“This is an incredible score in its entirety featuring some of his most ferocious 70’s era sci-fi action writing,” wrote Intrada’s Douglass Fake in a Facebook post Sunday night, announcing the release. This is “Jerry’s most elusive big action score in its entirety at last… with several previously unreleased tracks including a riveting never-before-heard cue for a scene dropped from the finished film.”

Intrada’s meticulous process of realizing this score began with getting 20th Century Fox on board and digging through their vaults until the elusive music tracks were found. Having uncovered them, Intrada’s crew next performed “ambitious restorations of the entire orchestral multi-track session masters for the first time ever, then locate Jerry’s sketches and scores, and engaging a synth expert (Leigh Phillips) to newly-perform the long-missing electronics,” and thus restore the soundtrack to the manner in which it was heard in the original soundtrack.

 Look for the album Tues Dec 5th at

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