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July 8, 2022

Matt Cannon’s soundtrack for FORCE TO FEAR Released on CD

Howlin’ Wolf Records announces Matt Cannon’s multiple award-winning soundtrack from 2020’s FORCE TO FEAR, co-written/directed by Zane Hershberger and Chad Bruns. The film pays homage to great action horror films of the ‘80s such as SILENT RAGE as it follows two kidnappers, a dealer, a group of college kids, and a killer who converge in an abandoned school. Once they cross paths, chaos ensues, and it’s a race to survive the night.

Cannon’s score “has both inventive and innovative qualities, but above all contains a sound that we readily associate with horror films from the ’80s and evokes memories of such composers as Jay Chattaway, Alan Silvestri, Brad Fiedel, Harold Faltermeyer, and Alan Howarth,” wrote film music journalist John Mansell of Movie Music International in the album’s liner notes. “There was a distinct sound that became standard during that decade and Matt Cannon has successfully re-created this sound, whilst also placing his own inimitable musical fingerprint upon the production, fusing both styles and putting them to effective and affecting use.”

For FORCE TO FEAR, composer Matt Cannon used an impressive array of synth and synth plug-ins; the soundtrack concludes with the fantastic track “Judge and the Jury” by the band Voltheque from their EP VERDICT.

FORCE TO FEAR features a 28-page booklet with a foreword by filmmaker Zane Hershberger, liner notes by writer John Mansell, and composer’s notes and track summaries by Matt Cannon.

For more details and sample tracks, see Howlin’ Wolf Records.

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