Jodorowski’s Holy Blood

September 17, 2019

Simon Boswell’s SANTA SANGRE Score Gets Extended Vinyl Release in Nov.

Composer Simon Boswell announces the forthcoming extended double-vinyl soundtrack of his score to SANTA SANGRE. The is the Composer’s 30th Anniversary Edition featuring 78 minutes of music, including the complete score, previously unreleased cues, songs performed by cast, and—for the first time ever—all of the music recorded on the set of the film in Mexico City, PLUS new orchestral versions by Simon Boswell and the Gringo Orchestra.

The 1989 Alejandro Jodorowsky fantasy-drama has to do with a former circus artist who escapes from a mental hospital to rejoin his armless mother (the leader of a strange religious cult) and is forced to enact brutal murders in her name as he becomes “her arms.”

The package is for a mid-November release from Flick Records, the UK label associated with Boswell’s music. The release is limited to 500 copies and purchases include a free digital download code. Pre-orders suggested – the first 50 sales will be signed by the composer. For details, click here

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