Lakeshore’s SAW Anthology soundtrack to feature scores from all eight films

Nov. 9, 2017

SAW Anthology Lakeshore Vol1&2 border


Lakeshore Records will release a 2-volume digital SAW Anthology compilation on November 24th. The albums contain the original scores from all eight movies in the SAW series composed by Charlie Clouser. A physical and vinyl release is promised with no release date announced yet. In a posting on his Facebook page early last October, Clouser described the then-in-progress compilation: “I just finished editing it last night and it will be going to mastering tomorrow. Over two hours of my favorite bits from all eight movies, released on 2x CD / 4x vinyl LP – one vinyl side per movie,” [in addition to the newly-announced digital release].

 – via filmmusicreporter and facebook

Further references: For an interview with Clouser about his SAW scores, including JIGSAW, see

Watch two episodes of the video series “Secret of the Score” featuring Clouser providing, in Vol. 7, an exclusive look at the “Buckethead” cue from his original score for Jigsaw, the 8th film from the Saw franchise – and, in Vol. 8, a breakdown of the “Hello Zepp” theme song from the Saw franchise.

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