October 29, 2019

Andrew Lockington’s Score to new Netflix Comedy-ocalypse Series DAYBREAK Out On Lakeshore

It’s been said that DAYBREAK, Netflix’s new post-apocalypse series, is an adventure between FERRIS BUELLER’S DAY OFF and MAD MAX.  What are kids going to do when school’s basically over forever and no adults are left, save for the “ghoulies?” The series score by Andrew Lockington (FRONTIER, SAN ANDREAS, RAMPAGE, ARGO, JOURNEY TO THE CENTER OF THE EARTH [2008]) features various cues that guide us through the 10-episode series sonically, from its comedic moments to its high-suspense action film-esque sequences. DAYBREAK premiered on Netflix on October 24.

Lockington’s soundtrack to DAYBREAK is out now digitally from Lakeshore Records – available from these sources.

Watch the DAYBREAK trailer:

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