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June 11, 2021

Track “TVA” From Marvel Studios’ LOKI series Available Today

Today, Marvel Music/Hollywood Records released “TVA,” the theme from Marvel Studios’ new series LOKI, streaming exclusively on Disney+. Music is by composer Natalie Holt, who comments on the track: “I channeled over-the-top Shakespearian drama, drew from my love of classic 70’s synths, big orchestral power, and the glorious sound of the sci-fi go-to instrument – the Theremin, played by the wonderful Charlie Draper. The track musically represents the TVA, evoking its majesty and power. The TVA [refers to the Time Variance Authority in the series] theme comes in many guises throughout the series and blends with Loki’s theme, which gets its full outing at the end of episode two and blends with some earthy Nordic folk instruments to connect with Loki’s origins. Getting to work in the MCU, and on a character like Loki, was such a gift. I have so enjoyed inhabiting this world, fleshing out stories and adding layers of emotion and meaning with music, and being a part of this exciting chapter of the MCU development.”

For more information on Marvel’s Time Variance Authority, see this article at The Ringer (warning: there may be some minor spoilers to LOKI therein).

The “TVA” single will be followed by two digital soundtrack releases, LOKI: CHAPTER ONE (Episodes 1-3) on July 2 and LOKI: CHAPTER TWO (Episodes 4-6) on July 23. The soundtrack albums are produced by Kevin Feige, Kate Herron & Dave Jordan.

For more information on the LOKI series score, see my post Natalie Holt: Marvel’s LOKI Composer

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