Michael Hoenig’s The Blob Oozes Onto Vinyl

October 3, 2018

One Way Static Records presents the 1988 remake of THE BLOB soundtrack on vinyl for the first time 

THE BLOB 1988 Vinyl release OWS1988’s THE BLOB is a remake of the classic 1958 horror film of the same name that starred Steve McQueen, who with his hot rod teenage friends tried in vein to warn local townsfolk when they discover an all-consuming blob creature from another planet, but the authorities refused to take them seriously.  The 1988 version was written and directed by Chuck Russell (DREAM WARRIORS, THE MASK) & Frank Darabont (THE FLY II, THE MIST, TALES FROM THE CRYPT), and stars Kevin Dillon, Shawnee Smith, Donovan Leitch Jr., and Candy Clark. Special effects in the film were handled by legendary makeup artist Tony Gardner, known for his work on ARMY OF DARKNESS, DARKMAN, and THE RETURN OF THE LIVING DEAD. But the true star of the film, once again, is The Blob, an amorphous acidic amoeba-like organism that devours and dissolves anything in its path as it grows, feeding on the residents of the fictional town of Arborville, California. Much like the original film, the remake has gained a cult following after its original theatrical release.

BLOB 1988 posterSoundtrack duties for the remake were handled by German composer Michael Hoenig, whose history in electronica music actually goes back to the burgeoning progressive “Kraut & Kosmische” rock scene of 1971 Berlin, where he was a member of the band Agitation Free. In 1975 Hoenig joined the pioneering electronic band Tangerine Dream, and later worked with other big names including Klaus Schulze’ & Manuel Göttsching (of Ash Ra Tempel). He released his first solo album in 1977, the highly acclaimed Berlin School classic Departure From The Northern Wasteland and over the course of multiple decades Hoenig has composed a diverse and extensive catalog of material that includes the theme to DARK SKIES, the soundtrack to the extremely popular Baldur’s Gate video game…and many others. Horror scores composed by Hoenig include CLASS OF 1999 (1990) & THE GATE (1987); he also performed on the soundtrack for GALAXY OF TERROR (1981).

Michael’s music for THE BLOB is classic top shelf synth-driven electronica that fits the film like a glove. The voices, dark strings and feverish percussion create a rhythmic drive that embodies heroic desperation and a massive sense of relentless doom. Hoenig fashioned a creepy, compelling and atmospheric synth-based score, unleashing textured waves of sonic terror and suspense.
This release is available as a limited classic black vinyl edition (with obi strip) & on a wide variety of color vinyl variants. For more details, or to order, see: www.onewaystatic.com/ows29

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