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December 30, 2021

Season 3 Soundtrack for French Sci-Fi Series MISSIONS Released – Music by Composer Etienne Forget

Starring Hélène Viviès, Clément Aubert, Mathias Mlekuz, Jean-Toussaint Bernard, and Giorgia Sinicorni, the French science-fiction television series premiered in 2017 and depicted the first manned mission to Mars. The crew of the spacecraft Ulysses is made up of the best astronauts and European scientists, including French, Italians and Germans. Jeanne Renoir, the crew psychologist, monitors the mental health of the crew. After ten months space travel, and within a few hours of landing, the astronauts learn that they will not be the first astronauts to land on Mars; they have been overtaken by a US mission with a faster vessel, jointly funded by NASA and a multi-national computer company. But the only sign of life from the American mission is an alarming video and the European mission decides to investigate.

Season 2 begins five years after the return of Ulysses’ crew to Earth. The memories and traumas of the first trip to Mars still haunt every survivor of the mission. But a vision of Jeanne shared by each of them has changed everything. Season 3, aka The Final Chapter, seems to take place in a parallel world altogether: astronaut Sam Becker returns to Earth, alone. But his return is more difficult than he imagined: on Earth no one is waiting for him. He understands he’s come back to a different world – a world where no one has ever been to Mars. Those who now hold him prisoner question his true identity. Only one person, Peter Kaminski, ends up believing his story and setting out in search of the members of the mission described by Sam. An investigation begins around a haunting question: who changed time, and why?

French Composer Etienne Forget

The MISSIONS series is composed by French musician, composer and music producer Etienne Forget (THE LAST JOURNEY, A SPECIES APART, VICTOR HUGO – ENEMY OF THE STATE mini-series, THE FOREST mini-series). Editions Milan Music of French released Forget’s soundtracks to MISSIONS Seasons 1 and 2; the third season soundtrack is now available from these links. The 18-track Season 3 soundtrack album includes a 10-page digital booklet with an analysis of the score made via an interview between Etienne and David Doncel, International Film Music Festival’s Director.

Watch the trailer for MISSIONS: The Final Chapter (in English):

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