April 3, 2019

Music Box Releases Olivier Cussac’s Score to French Animated sf Adventure TERRA WILLY

terra-willy-planete-inconnueIn collaboration with TAT Productions, Music Box Records is pleased to present on CD the original motion picture soundtrack of the feature-length 3D animation TERRA WILLY – UNEXPLORED PLANET (2019) composed and orchestrated by Olivier Cussac (THE JUNGLE BUNCH).

TERRA WILLY (premiering in French theaters today), directed by Éric Tosti, tells the story of Willy, a 10-year-old boy who lands on a wild and unexplored planet after he is separated from his parents following the destruction of their spaceship. With the help of Buck, a survival robot, and Flash, an alien creature, he will have to hold until the arrival of a rescue mission.

For the feature film, Olivier Cussac provides an exciting and thematic orchestral score, offering a wide array of musical styles and genres. The resulting score is very much an original nostalgia piece, recalling some of those classic 70s/80s movie scores. The lively score has been recorded by the Budapest Symphonic Orchestra and conducted by Laurent Petitgirard. The package includes an eight-page full-color booklet with French director Eric Tosti’s statement.

The album contains exclusive bonus tracks that are not available on the digital download version.

The first 30 copies purchased directly from Music Box’s online store will be autographed by the composer, while supplies last.

For more details, track listing, and to order, see musicboxrecords

Watch the film’s French trailer:

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