Music To Guard The Gates Of Hell

May 14, 2019

La-La Land Records Presents Gil Melle’s THE SENTINEL soundtrack

sentinel-cover__30738.1557853280La-La Land Records and Universal Studios proudly present the fourth title in the acclaimed Universal Pictures Film Music Heritage Collection — the world premiere official release of the original motion picture score to the big-screen 1977 horror chiller, THE SENTINEL, starring Chris Sarandon, Cristina Raines, Ava Gardner, Burgess Meredith and Martin Balsam, and directed by Michael Winner. Never before officially available in any format, the chilling music of renowned composer Gil Mellé (THE ANDROMEDA STRAIN, STARSHIP INVASIONS, FRANKENSTEIN: THE TRUE STORY) is an expertly experimental mix of large orchestra and electronics that has earned its place as one of the great ’70s genre scores. Unnerving and horrific, tragic, yet somehow beautiful, Mellé’s work deepens the film with astounding dimensionality.

Produced, mixed and mastered by Mike Matessino from multi-track studio vault elements, this special release is limited to 3000 units, includes bonus source and musical effects cues, and features exclusive, in-depth liner notes by writers Jeff Bond and James Phillips, with sharp art design by Dan Goldwasser.

The CD release is a limited edition of 3000 Units and starts shipping today.

To order and listen to sample tracks, see lalaland


  1. There Is Danger :47
  2. The Sentinel – Main Title 3:04
  3. Marked Child 4:05
  4. Prospective Tenant 3:00
  5. First Attack :32
  6. The Photo And The Panel 2:14
  7. We Are Ready 1:31
  8. Nightmare 2:01
  9. Vacant Except 3:13
  10. Screaming Into The Streets 5:03
  11. Convicted Murderess / Never Saw Him Before 1:51
  12. I’d Like To Take A Look At That House 3:39
  13. Professor’s Translation 2:01
  14. A Familiar Quotation :56
  15. Archdiocese Break-in 3:59
  16. God Be With You / The Franchino Car 1:31
  17. Through Me, The City Of Grief 2:59
  18. Death Of Michael 2:41
  19. About Sentinels 1:48
  20. Welcome Home 2:49
  21. Be One With Us, A Queen In Our Kingdom 1:30
  22. To The Depths 2:42
  23. The Sentinel – End Credits 2:25



  1. Shampoo Commercial :29
  2. Do Your Own Kind Of Dance 1:26
  3. Memento 1:54
  4. Sentinel Polka :56
  5. Lipstick Commercial 1:09
  6. Summer Ragtime 2:06
  7. T.V. Drama 1:22
  8. Edifice 1:52


  1. Sweeteners And Musical Effects 4:56


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