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October 19, 2021

Xbox’s PSYCHONAUTS 2 Gets First Soundtrack Album – Music by Peter McConnell

Today award-winning composer Peter McConnell and Xbox Game Studios’ Double Fine Productions have partnered with Skill Tree Records to release PSYCHONAUTS 2 Original Soundtrack – Volume 1 for digital download and music streaming platforms. Featuring one of the most eclectic original scores ever written for a video game, PSYCHONAUTS 2 was recorded with a wide variety of musicians and ensembles around the world, including the Melbourne Symphony Orchestra, and marks a thirty-year creative partnership between composer McConnell and legendary game designer Tim Schafer (Brütal Legend, Broken Age, Grim Fandango).

“Comprising more than three hours of music created over four years, the score to Psychonauts 2 is a journey through musical styles and statements as diverse as the human mind,” says composer Peter McConnell. “So we decided to separate the soundtrack into three releases. Volume 1 focuses on the orchestral and jazz elements of the score that are integral to the story and gameplay.”

Psychonauts 2 is a psychic adventure from the mind of Tim Schafer and brought to life by the strange game-wizards at Double Fine Productions. The game follows the story of a young psychic acrobat named Razputin, where you explore the fantastic realm of the inner mind. For more information on Psychonauts 2, see here .

Order the 29-track album here and check out digital and streaming links here.

Sample some of McConnell’s music for PSYCHONAUTS 2 Vol 1:

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