Oh My Terror, Clementine

April 13, 2022

Richard Band’s Latest Horror Score NIGHT CALLER Released on CD by Dragon’s Domain

Dragon’s Domain Records presents the original motion picture soundtrack release of NIGHT CALLER, to be distributed through buysoundtrax.com. NIGHT CALLER features music composed by Richard Band for the 2022 horror film written and directed by Chad Ferrin, starring Steve Railsback, Susan Priver, Bai Ling, Robert Miano, Silvia Spross, Kelli Maroney, Lew Temple, Robert Rhine, James MacPherson and Scott Vogel.

NIGHT CALLER focuses on a psychic hotline worked named Clementine (Priver), who starts receiving calls from a serial killer. The killer, James Smith, as it appears on the caller ID, loves to taunt Clementine on the phone before each murder. Soon after, Clementine begins to have visions of the grizzly deaths before he commits them. Predicting his murders before he commits them puts her into a terrifying game of cat and mouse with the killer. Enlisting the aid of her invalid father and clairvoyant co-worker, they must use their unique abilities to stay one step ahead of a maniac whose unspeakable acts in the present are nothing compared to his past and future.

Continuing their successful collaboration on EXORCISM AT 60,000 FEET and THE DEEP ONES, director Chad Ferrin returned to Richard Band to score NIGHT CALLER. “Not only has Richard created my favorite score of our three collaborations, but he did it with tremendous speed and accuracy, a testament to his tremendous talent, as well as our developing shorthand,” the director said recently.

Since the late 1970s Band has been composing film music regularly, specializing in science fiction and horror subjects. He’s scored more than 100 films to date, including FROM BEYOND (1986), which won the award for Best Original Soundtrack at the Sitges Film Festival. In 1991 he received a nomination for the Fangoria Chainsaw Award for Best Soundtrack with his music to THE PIT AND THE PENDULUM (1991). His score for the MASTERS OF HORROR episode “Dreams in the Witch House” (2006) was nominated for an Emmy Award for best score; and his score for THE RE-ANIMATOR has been widely acclaimed.

Dragon’s Domain Records presents the original motion picture soundtrack to NIGHT CALLER, mastered by James Nelson at Digital Outland. NIGHT CALLER is a limited edition release of 500 units. NIGHT CALLER is expected to begin shipping the week of May 4th, 2022. The first 50 copies of NIGHT CALLER ordered trough the buysoundtrax.com website will be autographed by the composer at no extra charge.

For details, sample tracks, and/or to order, see Dragon’s Domain

Watch the film’s trailer:

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