Restored Remixed & Remastered

November 26, 2021 (Updated news)

Harry Manfredini’s Ultimate ScoreFriday the 13th – Ultimate Cut Coming from La-La Land

Available at La-La Land Records starting 12 noon (pst) on November 30th, the label announced the Limited Edition Soundtrack CD for FRIDAY THE 13TH – The Ultimate Cut. Harry Manfredini’s iconic slasher movie score restored, remixed & remastered in scary stereo. Until recently, the original masters for Harry Manfredini’s score to FRIDAY THE 13TH were locked away in a vault at Paramount. The tracks have been found, remixed, mastered and assembled for F13th fans to enjoy—including unused cues from the movie not heard since they were cut from the film over 40 years ago.

See: on the 30th.

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