April 16, 2021

Out Now: Single Track “Ravka” by Joseph Trapanese from the Netflix Original Series SHADOW AND BONE

Ahead of the highly anticipated release of SHADOW AND BONE, Netflix has released the single track titled “Ravka” from the forthcoming Original Series Soundtrack by Joseph Trapanese (TRON UPRISING, OBLIVION, SHIMMER LAKE, PROJECT POWER). The track is available now on all major stream platforms and the full soundtrack album will be released on April 23, the same day of the series launch on Netflix.

SHADOW AND BONE—based on the best-selling novels by Leigh Bardugo. The mystical and epic original score comes from composer Joseph Trapanese (see our original news report here), who took great influence from fairytales, Russian stories, magic, and fantasy.

Trapanese was brought onto the project early on by Eric Heisserer (Showrunner, Executive Producer, Writer), Shawn Levy (Executive Producer), and Leigh Bardugo (Author, Executive Producer). He read the novels and scripts for inspiration and by the time the series entered post-production, he had written 40-50 minutes of music to contribute to the score. Joseph developed distinct themes for each character, giving each one their own sonic world in the valiant mystery tale of Shadow and Bone.

“Nothing is more thrilling as a composer than to build a musical world to compliment an extraordinary and grand adventure like SHADOW AND BONE,” said Trapanese. Eric Heisserer, Shawn Levy, and Leigh Bardugo were incredibly generous with their time and guidance, inviting me to be a part of the series as soon as possible, so I could really get to know these characters and their stories as I wrote their themes. As the team was finishing on set, I was putting the final touches on extended suites and ideas for each character. It was incredibly rewarding to explore and expand these themes throughout the season, and I hope we get to continue exploring each corner of this world for many more episodes.”

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