Scott Glasgow’s Holiday Horror Comedy Score

December 22, 2018

SLAY BELLES Soundtrack Released for Digital Download – free on Bandcamp

Slay Belles group photo

SLAY BELLES is an affectionate holiday horror comedy directed by former visual effects specialist “Spooky” Dan Walker. The film has to do with three cosplaying women who accidentally unleash Christmas demon Krampus and must enlist the help of Santa to stop the monster before it can continue its killing spree. Barry Bostwick (MEGA FORCE, SPIN CITY, ROCKY HORROR PICTURE SHOW), Kristina Klebe (HALLOWEEN [2007], PROXY, HELLBOY [2019]), Susan Slaughter (OUIJA HOUSE, THE DAWN), and Hannah Wagner (THE DEVIL’S CARNIVAL) star.

The film is scored by genre specialist Scott Glasgow (THE NINTH PASSENGER, THE CURSE OF SLEEPING BEAUTY, HATCHET III, THE GENE GENERATION), which he describes as a hybrid of traditional horror scoring with dubstep elements. “This was a choice the director wanted,” Glasgow explained to Musique Fantastique. “It was an interesting challenge – mainly I would score the scene then add these “warbly” bass sounds with drums underneath. Some of the action cues came out really different sounding!”

slay belles OSTAnother challenge that Glasgow faced was director Walker’s insistence on not using any recognizable Christmas songs or themes in the film. “The solution I came up with was to adapt Tchaikovsky’s Nutcracker Suite, which was not intended as Christmas music but as a ballet. I also reworked Grieg’s Hall of the Mountain King with heavy pulsing dubstep electronica events and intense orchestral action sounds.”

In the holiday spirit, Glasgow is currently offering the score digitally for free on his Bandcamp page (you choose donation starting at $0). The BandCamp download also includes a bonus end track not found on the official release as well as alternate cover artwork. This download will remain for free through the holidays with Spotify, Amazon, iTunes, etc to follow soon after.

Download the score from Bandcamp here

The whole album can also be streamed on Glasgow’s web site here and will shortly be available on Spotify.

Watch the film’s trailer:


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