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January 13, 2022

Sundance’s Sci-Fi Thriller SOMETHING IN THE DIRT Features Score by Jimmy LaValle

SOMETHING IN THE DIRT’s directors/stars

Composer Jimmy LaValle (THE ENDLESS, SYNCHRONIC) has scored his fourth collaboration with directors Justin Benson & Aaron Moorhead in their new, mysterious sci-fi/horror feature SOMETHING IN THE DIRT. In the film, written by Benson and which also stars both Benson and Moorhead, two neighbors investigate supernatural events in their L.A. apartment building, diving deep into a supernatural rabbit hole that frays their friendship and uncovers the dangers of the phenomena, the city, and each other.

LaValle was brought in early in the filmmaking process, writing initial pieces of score after reading the script, including a synth motif that remained the main focus in the film. He described this motif as having an “addictive” feeling to it – the sound is always moving and compulsive. Like pushing together two magnets on the same side; repulsing one another and never quite connecting… much like the two main characters, John and Levi, brought together only by the strange occurrences in the film.

Composer Jimmy LaValle – IMDB image

The composer also chose specific instrumentations to represent both characters’ personalities. John, a gay Evangelical who moved to L.A., is represented by an organ; and Levi, a loner bartender who’s more carefree and “wiggly”, is represented by the flute. These seemingly disparate instrumental elements come together in an unlikely way in the score, once again playing up the nature of the characters’ relationship in the film.

An established composer also known for his solo work with his band The Album Leaf, LaValle’s go-to sounds are synths and strings; however, he went out of his comfort zone using woodwinds such as the bass clarinet and, yes, Levi’s flute.

The film premieres in Sundance’s NEXT category on January 23.

Watch the Sundance “Meet The Artist” video about SOMETHING IN THE DIRT:

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