January 27, 2020

Euro Horror CANNIBAL APOCALYPSE Soundtrack Released on CD

“POW’s in Vietnam…starved in captivity…released with a taste for human flesh!”

Chris’ Soundtrack Corner of Germany presents the premiere CD soundtrack to Antonio Margheriti’s horror film APOCALYPSE DOMANI, better known in English terrortories as CANNIBAL APOCALYPSE and sometimes by its alternate US titles, INVASION OF THE FLESH HUNTERS or CANNIBALS IN THE STREETS). The movie was released in 1980, one of no less than ten flesh-eating horror classics emerging from Europe in that year alone. CANNIBAL APOCALYPSE is rather unique in comparison, occupying several genres at once—merging the cannibal film with the flesh-eating zombie movie and then adding elements of Euro war cinema, the Vietnam vet drama, the urban thriller, and the family-oriented horror picture—a veritable confluence of Italian exploitation genres in a single film.

The film’s score benefits from the funky rhythms, harshly declarative keyboard statements, intricate patterns of progressive rock, disco, and romantic jazz composed and conducted by Alessandro (aka Alexander) Blonksteiner (1930-1985), one of only three scores he composed.

The CANNIBAL APOCALYPSE score was originally released in 1980 on Beat Records vinyl with 14 tracks. Chris’ Soundtrack Corner offers the premiere release of this soundtrack on CD, with an extended program of 26 tracks, twelve of which have not appeared previously. The CD is accompanied by a 16-page illustrated booklet featuring exclusive notes on the film and its score.

For more details including tracklist, or to order, see

Watch the film’s deliriously gory 1980’s trailer, which includes bits of the score:

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