Soundtrack of Azarath’s Finest Teen Heroes

July 20, 2022

Teen Titans: Original Soundtrack Vol. 1 from composers Kristopher Carter, Lolita Ritmanis, Michael McCuistion Now Available

Dynamic Music Partners – made up superhero animation composers par excellence Michael McCuistion, Lolita Ritmanis and Kristopher Carter have released their first soundtrack album on their own label, Dynamic Soundtrack Records, featuring their music from the animated TEEN TITANS series. Volume One features the team’s music from the show’s first season and is available at these links.

The anime-influenced animated superhero television series, which played on Cartoon Network from 2003-2006, followed a team of five teenaged superheroes who save the world from many villains around their city while experiencing things normal teens face today. TEEN TITANS became one of the network’s most acclaimed series, renowned for its character development, humor, and serious themes. During its run, the series was nominated for three Annie Awards and one Motion Picture Sound Editors Award. The series is now streaming on HBO Max.

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