STAR TREK DISCOVERY Season 2 Soundtrack

July 4, 2019

Jeff Russo’s score for STAR TREK DISCOVERY Season 2 announced for July 19th

ST Discovery S2 OSTLakeshore Records has announced that their soundtrack album for STAR TREK: DISCOVERY Season 2 will be released digitally on July 19. A vinyl album is also said to be forthcoming (details to follow). The album includes 39 tracks of music from the soundtrack by composer Jeff Russo – the tracklist includes 3 tracks from Russo’s music for the webseries STAR TREK: SHORT TREKS episode “The Escape Artist.”

Unlike the soundtrack release from the series’ first season, which consisted of two albums divided into separate “Chapter 1” and “Chapter 2” releases of 21 and 22 tracks, respectively, the season 2 soundtrack will be contained to a single album of 39 tracks.

Ahead of the album release, the track, “Time Traveler” was previewed exclusively yesterday on the Slash Film! website – but as Lakeshore has now posted it openly to youtube you can hear it embedded below at the end of this news brief. Lakeshore reports the “Time Traveler” track will also be available for download with all pre-orders of the album beginning July 5.

“STAR TREK: DISCOVERY continues to be a source of incredible musical inspiration for me,” Russo has said, quoted in the Slash Film! article. “This season’s swashbuckling has allowed the music to shine and grow in ways that I didn’t expect.”

DISCOVERY’s third season will premiere later in 2020.

– via Lakeshore’s Film Music Daily and filmmusicreporter

The album’s tracklist has been posted on both of the above links (Lakeshore warns the track titles may pose spoilers if you haven’t seen the episodes yet).

Listen to the advance-released track “Time Traveler” here:



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