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December 1, 2021

LOST IN SPACE: Season 3 Soundtrack Released – Music By Chris Lennertz

– by Randall D. Larson

Milan Records has released the third season soundtrack for the Netflix science fiction series, LOST IN SPACE. Based on the 1960s sci-fi series, the Robinson family must come together to survive after being stranded light years from their destination. Almost two years after the previous season, Lost in Space returns to Netflix for the third and final season where the stakes are higher than ever and the Robinson family’s survival instincts will be put to the ultimate test.

Christopher Lennertz (SUPERNATURAL, AGENT CARTER, THE BOYS) has composed the entire series scores as well as the show’s new title theme; both affectionately integrate elements of John Williams’ music from the classic original TV series. “There was a ton of music to write for the show,” Lennertz told me in a 2018 interview when he started the series. “It’s a lot of music per episode, and there are ten hour-long episodes, so it was close to 500 minutes of score. We knew from the beginning that we weren’t going to be able to do all of that with orchestra, just budgetarily speaking. But Zach knew I wanted to use real orchestra and he was super supportive. He and the people at Netflix and Legendary really fought to get us some resources to be able do [some] live orchestra, because we felt the show deserved it. We ended up with a little over 200 minutes – that’s over three hours of music – with a 50+ piece orchestra, plus overdubs, so it probably ended up being sixty players at Abbey Road in London. I conducted the Philharmonia Orchestra, and we made two separate trips to London. We recorded half during the first trip and we did the second half on the next trip in the Fall. The orchestral performances are fantastic and they sound really, really big. I think it’s really just gargantuan and it fits the visuals, which are so stunning. I felt they really needed to have that massive orchestral power.” (Read my entire interview with Lennertz on scoring LOST IN SPACE here.)

The 3rd Season Soundtrack album features 25 tracks of original score music by Christopher Lennertz alongside an acoustic cover of “Three Little Birds” performed by Ajay Friese! Play or download the soundtrack from these links.

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