“The Best Friend Ever Built”

October 6, 2018

Jason Brandt’s F.R.E.D.I. Soundtrack Out on Oct 15F.R.E.D.I. ost.jpg

The family friendly science fiction film F.R.E.D.I. will come out on both DVD and via digital soundtrack within the next two weeks. Composer Jason Brandt has composed a lively and likable score for the film, which along with the film has gained acclaim on the festival circuit, winning Best Soundtrack for Feature Film at the Action on Film Festival August 25, 2018 and Best Feature Film Score Award at the Burbank International Film Festival September 9, 2018.

In the film, directed by Sean Olson (THE OTHER MOTHER, THE DOG WHO SAVED SUMMER, THE CONTRACTOR), a teenager makes the discovery of a lifetime in the forest behind his Arkansas home, a friendly robot named F.R.E.D.I. (voiced by Candace Cameron Bure). Join James (Lucius Hoyos), Danny (Reid Miller) and Natalie (Casimere Jollette) as they come together to help F.R.E.D.I. find her way back to her creator Dr. Palmer (Kelly Hu) and evade an evil corporate villain (Angus Macfayden).

About the Composer
Jason’s received his Bachelor of Arts degree in Music Composition from the University of Arizona, where he studied composition under Daniel Asia, big band arranging with Neal Finn, and jazz piano and film music with Jeffrey Haskell. By his senior year of college, Jason had written music for more than half of the graduating class’ motion picture films, many of which went on to film festivals around the country.
After graduating from college, Jason left Phoenix, and moved to Los Angeles to pursue his dream of composing music for motion picture and TV. He completed a graduate program in film scoring at the University of Southern California, where he studied with Christopher Young and David Raskin. Jason was also awarded the “ASCAP Harry Warren Scholarship SMPTV” for one of his musical compositions while attending USC.
Jason has composed music for major theatrical releases, including the cult horror film, NIGHT OF THE LIVING DEAD 3D (2006) starring Sid Haig and Brianna Brown, INSIDE (2006) starring Leighton Meester and Nick D’Agosto, the documentary AMERICAN GRINDHOUSE (2010), HARDFLIP (2012) starring John Schneider and Rosanna Arquette, and THE CONTRACTOR (2013) starring Danny Trejo.
Jason also creates original music for a wide range of national television programming, reality TV shows, animated cartoon shows such as TEEN TITANS GO!, and other.

The movie is coming out on DVD & Digital download on October 9 – pre-order the movie through Amazon here

The soundtrack will be available on October 15, through iTunes, Amazon, Spotify and more. It’s pre-orderable now via amazon 

For more information on the composer, see www.jasonbrandt.com/

Watch the trailer for F.R.E.D.I.:





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