The Haunted Housemaid

August 27, 2018

Asian Ghost Story THE HOUSEMAID – Score Released by Rosetta Soundtrack

TheHousemaid_Cover-416x416Rosetta Soundtrack of Spain has released Jerome Leroy’s score for the Asian ghost film, THE HOUSEMAID, for Vietnamese-American film director Derek Nguyen. The movie is a romantic horror film rooted in the ghosts popular in much of Asian folklore. “Jerome delivered a score that was frightening yet beautiful,” said Nguyen. “The music is so emotionally true to the characters in the film. It really enhanced its emotional core.”

“When I watched the film for the first time, I never questioned the fact that the estate was, in fact, haunted,” Leroy said. “The way the story is structured – and even though Linh, the titular character, doesn’t believe it at first -Madame Camille’s existence as a ghost is pretty much a fact. She has such a creepy yet compelling backstory! That really helped me, because I never felt that I had to ‘sell’ her – the film already did – so I could then focus on other important elements in the story. In a way, the story’s supernatural elements are not the focus, but rather the common thread making all those other elements work seamlessly together. Musically, I tried to follow that lead.”

For details, and sample tracks see rosetta soundtrack.

Watch an official music video for Leroy’s THE HOUSEMAID score (the youtube page will also link to other tracks from the score):




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